I've written so much software, made so many things in hardware - why ony these two are up here I don't know!

Sony XPLOD Car stereo stalk adapter / AUX out hack - instructables.com

Put value on your cheap car sereo by making it compatible with the steering wheel stalk controller. I have a Sony xplod CDX-GT110 which doesn't have this functionality, but it's bigger brother CDX-GT270 does. In fact, many of the stereos, CDX-GT35 CDX-GT130 CDX-GT330 CDX-GT440 all look the same(ish) but do not have this functionality - unless you hack them. I discovered how to do this because mine didn't have the ability but my car did - this is truly an internet first!

iButton door lock - instructables.com

iButtons are small button like casings that communicate with only 2 wires. They are incredibly robust and all have a unique serial number which is hardware written into the device and never repeated. They are cheap (about 1 Pound / 1,50 Euro/ $2). This lock is updatable by using a piece of software I wrote and then programming via USB one of the programmable iButtons. You can then take this iButton to any of the locks and it will re-program itself form the data stored on the iButton - pretty nifty hey.

DIY PCB Etch tank - instructables.com

Produce your own PCB's in minutes. Cost around £10 including the etchant - so bonus!

Password hider grid - Hide in plain sight!

Hide your passwords within this grid - because sometimes you have to write them down.

This app lets you create a confusing matrix with a secure passwod within - as long as you know your own method, you'll never forget it.

Lets imagine my onw method is 3 down, 3 across and then read till the end - my password is melOn5

sample    sample

Take your own password and hide it - or make a random one

  1. Creating a grid patterned similar to the one above, with each square containing a randomly selected keyboard character by using this tool.
  2. Choose and memorize an ordered pattern of squares. The longer the pattern, the more secure it is. Here are some examples using sixteen squares:

    sample pattern 1sample pattern 2sample pattern 3

  3. Carry a copy of the grid with you. A spare copy may optionally be kept in a safe place, you could even store it right in front of your computer if your password is random.

Here is my password hidden amongst lower and upper case letters with numbers

Example hiddenExample revealed



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